1. Railroad spike set in a power pole at the Northwest corner of West FM 544 and Dublin Road.
    Elevation: 528.08
  2. On center of curb inlet in the north curb line of Ridgeview Drive.
    Elevation: 560.75
    N 9996.5618, E 9686.2157
  3. On top of fire hydrant located on the northeast ROW line of Horizon Court.
    Elevation: 554.88
    N 9082.3556, E 10579.4592
  4. Top of brass cap in concrete 2,900 feet north of Renner Rd, 40 feet west of the centerline of Murphy Road.
    Elevation: 570.63
  5. Square cut set at the Northwest corner of water vault located on the south side of the NTMWD building, north side of FM 544 and 1,254 feet east of Murphy Road.
    Elevation: 561.01
  6. Square cut set at the Northeast corner of inlet located at the northwest corner of East FM 544 and Maxwell Creek Road.
    Elevation: 541.21
  7. Top of fire hydrant located at the intersection of Skyline Drive and Horizon Drive at the
    Northeast ROW line.
    Elevation: 551.38
    N 8361.9683, E 10577.3891
  8. Top of fire hydrant located on the north ROW line of Summer Place cul-de-sac.
    Elevation 566.71
    N 9469.8771, E 10009.3263

Last updated September 2018
DISCLAIMER:  These benchmarks have not been confirmed by the City of Murphy.  Any use or reliance on this data is at that party’s own risk and without liability to the City of Murphy, its officials, or employees for any discrepancies, errors, or variances which may exist.