Water & Wastewater

Water Distribution and Waste Water

Responsiblities & Services

Public Works is responsible for 90 miles of mainlines/service lines and 900 fire hydrants in the Murphy water distribution system.  

Any questions about your water service need to be directed to Customer Service Department at (972) 468-4100 or email.  Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Water System Infrastructure

Public Works also maintains over 80 miles of waste water lines and 900 manholes in a system that is gravity flowing to the NTMWD Wylie Muddy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The city maintains one lift station located at 721 West FM 544 that services the Windy Hills Farms Subdivison area, that was recently renovated and upgraded to include a generator and larger pumps.  

The final major capital infrastructure project to complete distribution system for the city's proposed build-out population of 22,000, includes a South Maxwell Creek Parallel Trunk Sewer Line Project.  Currently design is underway. 

The City of Murphy recently completed a major utility relocation project by constructing new water and sewer lines outside the right-a-way for the new 6-lane TXDOT North Murphy Road / FM 2551 Widening Project.

Rate Study

The latest Water and Wastewater Rate Study can be found here.