Reporting Outages or Problems

Help Maintain Your City

Potholes - The weather can create pot holes in even the best of streets. This form was established to help you let us know where pot holes can be found. While we have crews that watch for pot holes, we won't always find them all. This is your chance to help us catch the ones we missed.

Street and area lights - FEC and Oncor are responsible for repairing and maintaining our streetlights. The location of the problem determines which company needs to be contacted. So, your accurate report of a problem helps ensure that the correct company is called out to fix the problem.  Oncor has a reporting system in place, and it can be reached via their website.  We genuinely appreciate your participation in keeping our city safe and well lit.  Thank you.

Traffic signals and signs - Whether it is a burned-out light, an intersection that is flashing red, or lights that make you wait way too long, please let us know about any traffic signals that appear to be malfunctioning.

To report any of the above issues, please visit our Murphy Connect system.