Responsibilities & Services

Municipal Courts are the judicial branch of city government. These courts hear Class C misdemeanor cases, which are punishable by a fine only and include traffic and city ordinance violations.

The Murphy Municipal Court will provide the public with prompt and courteous service for the just resolution of all citations, complaints, and court appearances involving Class C misdemeanor offenses and violations of the city’s ordinances occurring within the corporate limits of Murphy.

Local Rules of the Murphy Municipal Court.

Jury Information

For information on jury trial cancellations check this page the day of your requested service.


Payments can be made in the drop box located next to the postal box on the south side drive at City Hall after hours or by online fine payment.  Please note: If you choose to pay your citation online you are no longer eligible to use any options to keep the violation off your driving record and this charge may appear as a conviction. 

Additional Information

Please read your citation carefully. Appearance date and Court hours are printed on your citation. Failure to take care of your violation(s) by your appearance date may result in loss of options, additional charges, increased fines / fees and warrants issued for your arrest. Phone calls to the court do not fulfill your appearance obligation.

Request for court dates must be made in person or in writing via US mail or email.


Parents will be sent notice by mail of the court date and time by the Juvenile Case Manager. Juveniles 16 years old or younger must appear before the Judge with a parent or legal guardian, regardless of the offense.


If you are 17-20 years of age or younger and have been issued a citation for an alcohol violation (i.e. Minor DUI, Minor in Possession, Minor in Consumption, Public Intoxication) you are required by state law to appear and enter a plea before the Municipal Court Judge. You will be sent notice by mail of the court date and time to appear.