2017 General Obligation Bond Election

On November 7, 2017, voters in the City of Murphy approved Propositions A, B, and D relating to the issuance of General Obligation debt in the amount of $21,645,000. Proceeds from the issuance of debt was used to fund projects related to Street Improvements, Public Safety Facilities, and Park and Recreational Facilities.

City staff are currently working to select professional firms that will provide engineering and architectural services throughout the design and construction process. The city anticipates beginning the design process for prioritized projects shortly after the New Year. Given the large number of projects approved, it will not be possible to undertake all projects at the same time. Projects will be staggered over a four-year period. Initial construction activity for the first set of prioritized projects will commence during the summer of 2018.

Information regarding project scope, location, and status is available here on the city web site. Project status will be updated frequently. In addition, staff will present monthly status updates to city council.

Proposition A: The Issuance of $15,510,000 General Obligation Bonds for Street Improvements.

Proposition B:  The Issuance of $1,735,000 General Obligation Bonds for Public Safety Facilities.

Proposition D:  The Issuance of $4,400,000 General Obligation Bonds for Park and Recreational Facilities.


On November 15, 2016 the Murphy City Council appointed seven citizens to serve on a Capital Projects Advisory Committee (CPAC), the first such committee in ten years. The members of CPAC were tasked to review capital needs within the City and provide City Council with a recommended list of prioritized projects. Over the course of eight months, CPAC conducted 13 meetings, 3 work sessions, and 2 public town hall meetings to obtain citizen input, prioritize projects, and develop proposed funding strategies. The Committee’s work culminated with a final report to City Council on June 21, 2017. 

Subsequent to the receipt of the final report, City Council met several times to review city needs and develop a list of ballot propositions.  In its deliberations, City Council modified the recommended project lists and directed staff to take the following actions: 1) proceed with the process necessary to call a $22,960,000 GO bond election for November 7, 2017; 2) prepare an ordinance authorizing the issuance of $5,545,000 in Certificates of Obligation for Utility related projects; and 3) prepare an ordinance authorizing the issuance of $3,510,000 in Tax Notes for improvements to existing municipal buildings.  The November 7, 2017 election concerns the issuance of General Obligation bonds only.  The issuance of Certificates of Obligation and Tax Notes will be acted upon by City Council at a later date.

Information is available elsewhere on the city web site that provides a list of capital projects that were funded through General Obligation bonds.  All amounts and anticipated uses of bond funds are preliminary and subject to change.  Actual use of approved bonds was determined by action of the Murphy City Council.