Submitting a Claim for Damages or Injury

This page details the steps that need to be taken to file a claim with the City of Murphy. Please contact the Human Resources Office at 972-468-4018 or e-mail if you have any questions.

To file a claim:

  • Complete a Liability Claim Form
  • E-mail the completed claim form and the following supporting documentation to
      • Photos of Damage
      • Repair estimates or Medical statements (if applicable
      • Any other documents you feel should be considered when reviewing your claim (ie. witness statements, police reports, etc.)
  • Once we receive the completed claim form and supporting documentation, the incident will be investigated, and a response will be provided to you by the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool within 14 days.

The provision of any of the information listed above does not guarantee the payment of your claim. Texas Municipal League will review all claims in relation to the Texas Tort Claims Act and other applicable law and determine claim liability. City staff does not determine claim liability.

NOTICE OF CLAIM (Article 12, Section 12.03 of the City Charter)
The City shall not be held liable on account of any claim for the death of any person or injuries to any person or damage to any property unless the person making such complaint or claiming such damages (“Claimant”) shall, within one hundred eighty (180) days after the time at which it is claimed such damages were inflicted upon such person or property, file with the City Secretary or Human Resources Department a written statement, under oath, stating the nature and character of such damages or injuries, the extent of the same, the place where same happened, the circumstances under which same happened and the condition causing same, with a detailed statement of each item of damages and the amount thereof, giving a list of any witnesses known by the claimant to have seen the incident.

POWER TO SETTLE CLAIMS (Article 12, Section 12.04 of the City Charter)
The City Council shall have the power to compromise and settle any and all claims and lawsuits of every kind and character, in favor of, or against, the City, including suits by the City to recover delinquent taxes.