Parker ETJ Wastewater Treatment Plant

TCEQ Permit ID: WQ0016003001

The City of Murphy has recently become aware of a proposal to construct a Wastewater Treatment Facility in close proximity to the city’s northern boundary with the city of Parker.   The proposed facility will be located within the city of Parker Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  Prior to construction of the proposed facility, the applicants must secure permission to discharge domestic wastewater.  In this case, the wastewater will be discharged into Maxwell Creek.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the State organization that will authorize a discharge of wastewater from the proposed facility into Maxwell Creek.   The city of Murphy has formally adopted a Resolution in opposition to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The City of Murphy will utilize its communication resources to inform residents regarding factual information associated with the Permit application.  Materials originating from third-party sources (either pro or con) will not be posted to the city web site.  The city web site will be utilized as a communications tool only and will not be used to advocate for a particular position on the issue. Please follow the links provided below for information on how to comment and make your opinion known on this matter.

How to comment.  Go to the web page below and enter the permit number, WQ0016003001

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