Water Distribution & Meter Reading

Division Responsibilities & Services

The Water Distribution Division maintains and repairs 80.4 miles of main lines and approximately 800 fire hydrants and provides the maintenance on all water valves that supply the flow of potable water.

Additionally, the division reads and maintains 6,300 water meters, provides the Utility Billing Division with monthly billing information and provides the citizens of Murphy with the best service possible.

Water Meter Reading

Meters are read in 3 cycles and billed accordingly. 

 The City has a fixed automatic meter reading system that eliminates the need to send out a city staff member to physically read the meter. This technology is an automated and cost effective manner to gather meter reading information. The device will remotely transmit data into the billing office and provide instant access to all water meter readings multiple times a day. All readings are relayed and received daily into the billing office via the city's Wi-Fi system. 

AquaHawk Alerting

- Free service for Murphy residents:
The City recently added a customer portal called Aquahawk Reporting System to allow citizens to have access and be in control of their watering habits. This system is a leak detection system that customers are encouraged to sign up for at no cost. Once registered with Aquahawk you can set thresholds for estimated bills and water usage that will alert you via text message or email when you get close to those limits. This system will detect and send alerts based on unusual watering patterns, essentially aiding residents in early discovery of any potential problems including leak detection. Please register for this free service by visiting this link to get started. CLICK HERE