Annual Report

Community of Murphy, 

On behalf of the men and women of the Murphy Police Department, I am honored to present our 2021 Annual Report. The Murphy Police Department employees were enabled by your support and assistance. 

There was a total of 224 Part I Crimes reported last year, an increase of 38. However, the increase is due to the rise in reported Larceny (Theft), 196 compared to 151 the previous year. All other Part I Crimes remained steady or decreased, significantly in some cases. As our city continues to grow, as well as the communities that surround us, it will take us all to help control the rate at which crime will affect us. 

By taking pride in the city and supporting the efforts of city staff, citizens play a big role in reducing crime. Watching out for your neighbors, reporting any suspicious behavior, and keeping your belongings secure are all ways citizens affect crime. 

Chris Chandler – Chief of Police 
City of Murphy

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