Online Registration Tips

What It Won't Do
The registration software will not allow you to:
  • Register individuals from other households
  • Register children who do not meet the specific requirements for a class (for example, minimum age requirements, regardless if you have permission from the instructor - in these cases, you must register in person)
  • Refund a class (if you are seeking a refund, please contact the recreation center where your class is being held, or email or call the Recreation Department at 972-468-4444 for assistance)
  • Transfer to another class (if you accidentally signed up for the wrong class, or decide to change a class, please contact City of Murphy Recreation Department) 
What It Will Do
The online registration system allows you to:
  • Be added to a wait list if an activity is full
  • Browse our activity listings
  • Check on class availability
  • Enroll for our classes and activities
  • Look up details about any activity (prices, dates, times, locations, or even current enrollment numbers)
  • Reprint old receipts
  • Search for activities by type, age range, location, and other criteria