Common Code Violations

Code Compliance Responsibilities & Services
The City of Murphy Code Compliance assists the residents of our city in providing an optimum environment conducive to good health and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.  

​Doing Work Without A Permit
  • Fences that have have fallen down or are deteriorating, that are not reasonably plumb or structurally sound, or that have been externally braced in lieu of replacing posts
Lawn, Shrubs & Trees
  • Grass and weeds taller that 10 inches
  • Trees, shrubs, or plants that cause an obstruction over streets, alleys, or sidewalks, or that are obstructing the view at intersections or the view of stop signs or other traffic warning signs
  • Illegal placement of garage sale or other occasional sale signs, lost and found pet signs, political candidate signs, weekend directional signs, and real estate signs
Trash & Dumping
  • Illegal dumping of trash, rubbish, limbs, and other debris
  • Improper storage of trash carts and recycle bins
  • Residential solid waste / trash that is placed too early for the scheduled collection time
  • Unmoved trash and debris, including old furniture, car parts, appliances, or other visual nuisances
Vehicle Storage
  • Inoperable vehicles on private property
  • Parking / storing of boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, or vehicles on residential lots