2018-01 Street Panels

Overall Percent Complete



Status: Completed all road replacements.  Completed drainage swale excavation and sod placement along Horizon Drive and Horizon Court.  Currently working on swale excavations and sod placement along Summer Place and Skyline Drive.

50.118 Street Panel Replacement:

Replacement and restoration of roadway panels.

50.83 C-4 Horizon Drive & Parallel Lot-Line Swale:

Improve/clean and restore approximately 2,700 linear feet of bar ditch (swale) on Horizon Drive and Parallel Lot-Line Swale at the rear of the properties between Horizon Drive and Summer Place.

50.84 C-5 Skyline Drive Swale:

Improve/clean and restore the bar ditch (swale) on Skyline Drive.

Area Impacted: