Roads, Drains, Infrastructure

 2018-01 Street Panel Replacement & Roadway Drainage Swales
 50.118 Street Panel Replacement  View
 50.83 C-4 -Horizon Drive & Parallel Lot-Line Swale                           View
 50.84 C-5 Skyline Drive Swale  View


 2018-02 N. Maxwell Creek Road Improvements
 50.113 North Maxwell Creek                   View
 85.23 N. Maxwell Creek Sidewalk and RR Crossing                        View


 2018-03 Waters Edge Park Drainage Culvert Improvements
50.94 D-10 Waters Edge Way                                                  View
50.95 D-11 Waters Edge Way        View
50.96 D-12 Waters Edge Way        View
50.97 D-13 Waters Edge Way        View
50.98 D-14 Creekside Drive        View
50.99 D-15 Creekside Drive        View
50.1 D-16 Creekside Drive        View


 2018-04 South Murphy Road Right Turn Lane at FM544
50.119 South Murphy Road Right Turn Lane at FM544        View


 2018-05 McWhirter Road Drainage Improvements
50.105 D-9 McWhirter Road 36 inch Culvert        View
50.85 C-6 McWhirter Southern Swale        View


 2020-01 S. Maxwell Creek Road, Kinney Dr. and Bunny Run Rehabilitation and Drainage Improvements
50.101 D-5 South Maxwell Creek Road (36" Culvert)                                              View
50.103 D-7 South Maxwell Creek Road (72" Culvert)        View
50.104 D-8 South Maxwell Creek Road (2 - 48" Culvert)        View
50.102 D-6 Bunny Run Drive (2 - 48" Culvert)        View
50.114 South Maxwell Creek Road        View
50.115 Kinney Drive        View

Maxwell Creek Bunny Run Kinney Road

 2020-03 Timbers Addition Drainage Channel Improvements
50.08 C-1 East of Shady Timbers Lane                                  View
50.81 C-2 South Murphy Road to Hawthorne Drive        View
50.82 C-3 South Murphy Road to Mimosa Drive        View

Timbers Addition

 2020-04 Lonesome Dove Trail Drainage Culvert Extensions
50.09 D-1 (6-Foot by 6-Foot Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert Extension)                                   View
50.91 D-2 (18-Inch Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert)        View
50.92 D-3 (60-Inch Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culverts)        View
50.93  D-4 (60-Inch Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culverts)        View

Timbers Addition