National Night Out

For the eighth year in a row, members of the Murphy Police Department will drop in on block parties held throughout the City, meeting and interacting with residents, during the 2017 version of National Night Out on Tuesday, October 3, says Murphy Detective Brad Taylor. The annual citywide block party night is cosponsored by the Murphy Police Department and the City’s Crime Watch Group. Detective Taylor is the City’s Crime Watch Coordinator.

Building Relationships With Public Safety

National Night Out block parties are designed to build rapport between citizens and public safety personnel, improve and deepen trust, allow for social interaction within neighborhoods and strengthen confidence in the capabilities of the City’s public safety network. Parties generally start in the early evenings, but some may start much earlier. Neighborhoods are free to hold these at their convenience.

“There is no better way to meet your neighbors and police and fire personnel than in a relaxed setting. The last thing we want is to have residents become acquainted with their neighbors and public safety personnel during an emergency,” added Detective Taylor.  “It’s much more preferable for everyone to meet over hot dogs and lemonade than over a smoldering building or other misfortune.”

Crime Watch is designed to bring together residents in an atmosphere of mutual concern and assistance, and National Night Out is intended to fill that role. Police officials agree that community-based efforts like this form the backbone of an efficient crime prevention program.

Hosting the Parties

Individuals, neighbors or neighborhood associations host these parties and alert the Police Department of the time and location by registering their event.  The City assists with some materials and technical assistance and schedules visits from public safety personnel. Officers and firefighters will arrive, mix with local residents, answer questions, provide advice and distribute contact information. The public safety personnel will be visiting registered block parties between 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Additional Information

Anyone wishing to obtain assistance or to alert the Police Department of their event should contact either Detective Taylor at 972-468-4200 or Kim Gann at 972-468-4211. A form will be provided for registering the block party.