Living Tree Donation

Living Tree Donations
Throughout the ages, trees have stood as strong life symbols. Trees improve our air quality and beautify our community. A tree can serve as a living and loving remembrance of a special event.

A part of the "Friends of the Parks" program now allows you to donate money toward the purchase of a special tree or trees and select the park for the tree to be planted. The park staff will assist in site selection, arrange the planting, and mark the donated tree, along with all future maintenance of the tree. Family and friends are welcome to have a ceremony after the tree is planted.
Your tree may be planted at any park owned by the City of Murphy that has irrigation available. Staff will work with you regarding the type of tree and the locations of the tree. After the tree is planted, the park employees will maintain your tree. With the donation of $450 you will receive a minimum 2-inch diameter tree and an engraved paver which will be installed at the base of your tree. The verbiage for your marker is limited to 3 lines with 15 letters per line.

Plant a Tree in Tribute

Celebrate a birth, a wedding, an anniversary, or honor the memory of a loved one through the Living Tree Donation Program.

Plant a Family Tree

Plant a tree to honor the birth of a child, to serve as a symbol of a growing family. Like the tree, the family spreads its roots as it branches out, preparing a strong base for future generations.

Plant a Tree as a Monument

The donation of a tree is a wonderful testimonial to a life well lived. Family and friends will have a living monument for a loved one, which will also provide beauty, shade, and landscaping for the city parks.

Dates & Locations

Tree plantings will typically be done from September to April.  

Tree donations are now encouraged for the following park sites:
For more information contact Matt Foster, at 972-468-4352.