Open Gym (Closed for pick-up games)

Gymnasium Use, Rules & Regulations
  • Gym is designated for side half-court free play (pickup) basketball games on goals. Only half-court basketball games are allowed. *See gym activity schedule posted at gym entrance.
  • Only court shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Hard sole or black sole shoes are not allowed.
  • Food, drinks, gum and candy are prohibited on the gym floor during open gym.
  • The stage area is strictly off limits during open gym.
  • Drills, reps, exercises or general instructions that reflect the image of a team and/or organized practice is prohibited in the gym during open play.
  • Prohibited acts include dunking the basketball, grabbing or hanging on the rim, foul or abusive language and fighting. The severity of the misconduct may warrant removal from the facility, suspension or termination of facility use privileges.
  • No basketball during open play volleyball (Wednesdays) and no volleyball during open play basketball (Mondays). Review gym schedule regularly and be aware of basketball, volleyball and open play times.