Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement
Murphy Fire Rescue - Our mission is to serve through prevention, preparation, planning, response, restoration and review.

Vision Statement
Maintaining excellence in all things we do.

"It starts with me!"
  • Honesty - Don't lie, cheat or steal.
  • Trust - Trust in people and have faith in principles.
  • Pride and Ownership - Be proud of what we are doing. Be responsible for self and for others.
  • Fun - Be creative. Don't be afraid to laugh and try new things.
  • Compassion - Care for others as if a member of one's family.
  • Teamwork - Create and maintain a positive work environment.
  • Initiative - Look for solutions. Take positive action.
  • Humbleness - Let our actions be louder than our words. Remember why we are here.
  • Strong Work