Billing Zone Information & Fees

Billing Zones

The City of Murphy is divided into 3 zones. Use the links below to view the billing schedule to determine the dates your meter is read, the date your bill is mailed, due date, penalty date, final payment date, and cut off date.
  • Zone 1 is the northwest sector of the city (west of Murphy Road and north of FM 544).
  • Zone 2 is the northeast sector of the city (east of Murphy Road and north of FM 544).
  • Zone 3 is the south sector of the city (south of FM 544).


  • Reread Fee - $10 charge will be added to your next bill when your meter is reread and there is no problem found
  • Storm Water Fee - $3 flat rate

How can I check my meter to assure it is accurate and is reflected on my bill?

The City of Murphy uses an automated meter reading system to collect meter reads 4 times every day. Citizens can buy a meter key at a home improvement store and manually read the odometer on the meter and compare it to the electronic reads that the city collects and uses for billing. You can find these reads by registering for a free customer portal through AquaHawk HERE. Historic reads are available and allow citizens to see consumption from previous weeks, months, seasons and years. For assistance or additional information about the online customer portal, please contact Customer Service.

If you have any concerns about your utility bill,  please contact us at 972-468-4100. Our Customer Service team will make every effort to individually verify meter readings and go over the usage data with each customer that contacts us.