Water & Wastewater

Please see the important changes in watering restrictions.

Where the Water Comes From

The city receives its water supply from the North Texas Municipal Water District, which delivers water to approximately 5,800 connections. The North Texas Municipal Water District uses surface water from lakes Lavon, Chapman, and Texoma. It is thens piped into one of three water treatment plants located in Wylie, Texas.

The treated water is stored in three ground storage tanks and one elevated tank that are owned and operated by the City of Murphy Water Utilities. The city’s water pressure is 60 to 70 pounds per square inch (PSI). As part of the city's newly renovated and updated pumping capacity, a diesel generator backup has been added to ensure continuous service in the event of an extended power outage.


Please note that summer sometimes brings a change of odor and flavor to the public water supply. This is not a health hazard. See the fact sheet on taste and odor for more information.