Utility Account Services

Water Restrictions

Water restrictions are in effect

New Customer Information

The City of Murphy supplies your water, sewer and sanitation services. As a new water customer you are required to pay a deposit of $100 if you are buying a home and $200 if you are renting a home. You will need to complete  the application, along with a copy of your drivers license and pay the deposit required to have your service started. Out of state checks and drivers licenses are accepted. Letters of credit or payment history are not accepted in lieu of a deposit. You may download and print a copy of the New Service Application. You may fax, email or bring in your application along with your driver license to set up new service. Deposits are held until service is terminated and it is then applied to the final billing.

Changing Your Account

If you are moving out of the City of Murphy, please use the Account Change Form and tell us when you want to discontinue service at your address. Please make sure you include a forwarding address. The security deposit will be credited to your final bill. If there is a remaining balance due, you will receive a final billing. If there is a credit balance, you will receive a final billing and a check from the City of Murphy.

Service can be discontinued only between Monday through Thursday during the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We do not disconnect or cancel service on Fridays or weekends. Before deciding on a disconnect date, please be aware we will be out any time during the disconnect day to cut off the meter, if you plan to do any cleaning you may want to schedule the termination of service for the next day.

To make any changes to your account we will need all requests submitted in writing. You may complete the Account Change Form and fax it back to us at 972-468-4104 or email.

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