Deferred Disposition

Deferred Disposition Application

Dismissal Options

Deferred disposition (probation) is an option available for dismissal of many cases. 


  • Must make request for deferred disposition either in person or writing by appearance date on citation.  A telephone call does not constitute an appearance
  • Must have a valid driver's license for traffic violations or some form of identification for non-traffic violations
  • Must not have been on deferred disposition in the past 12 months prior to the date of this offense for the same type of violation. Example: traffic violation 6 months ago; this citation also for traffic violation would not be eligible for deferred disposition

You Are Not Eligible If:

  • You hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) now or at the time citation was issued
  • Used deferred disposition for the same type of violation in the past 12 months
  • You were charged with a violation in a construction or maintenance zone while workers were present


You must follow these instructions to be granted deferred disposition:
  • Submit copy of driver's license or identification
  • Enter a plea of either No Contest or Guilty
  • Submit Deferred Disposition Application
  • Pay the full amount of the fine at the time of request or by extension due date that has been granted by the Court.  The fine amount will increase by $50.00, not to exceed the maximum allowed by state law, for request for deferred disposition made after the appearance date noted on the citation.  The deferral period will not begin until the deferred fees are paid in full.

Additional Requirements

  • If defendant holds a provisional driver's license you must take an examination with the Department of Public Safety.  You will be required to pay a $10 examination fee
  •  If defendant is under the age of 25 you must take a Driver's Safety Course
  • You must request deferred disposition by submitting your application, copy of your driver’s license, and a payment of $302 if your violation was for speeding 25 miles or more over the posted speed limit; you will be required to take a driving safety course during the deferral period and submit proof of completion to the court by the end of the deferral period

Additional Information 

  • Compliance with the deferral order will result in a dismissal of the charge, there is no final conviction reported and the complaint may not be used against you for any purpose.
  • A show cause hearing may be required for noncompliance with the deferral order


The court accepts cash, checks, money orders, Master Card, and Visa. Please make check or money order payable to the City of Murphy.  Do not make your payment for deferred disposition online as this will result in a conviction on your driving record. You must make your payment in person at the Court Office, by mail or through the Court's drop box.