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Inspections Request

Inspections called in before 3 p.m. will go out the next business day, excluding holidays.

The Inspection Line is 972-468-4050. You can also create an online account to schedule inspections.

If cancelling an inspection you must call 972-468-4100 before 10 a.m. and speak to a live person. Any cancellations left on the voicemail will still go out for inspection but could result in fees being charged.

Same day inspection called in after cut-off time of 3 p.m. for next business day will be a charge of $60, due prior to inspection request being made.

Please include the following information when calling for an inspection:
  • Builder’s name
  • Contact person name and phone number
  • Inspection address
  • Permit #
  • Subdivision Name
  • Inspection requested
The site is assumed ready for inspection at the time of your inspection request unless otherwise noted. Please specify if you are requesting a re-inspection when calling. Inspections will not be made when work is in progress. The inspection request line is accessible 24 hours a day by calling 972-468-4050. The inspection line is dedicated solely for inspection requests, all other calls should be made to Customer Service at 972-468-4100.