General Information For New Commercial Building Permits

  • A list of required inspections specific to the project will be printed and attached to the permit. Inspections for other departments are included and are part of the required inspections list.
  • A preconstruction meeting is required for the Public Works Department to discuss construction and inspection processes. General contractor, utility contractor, engineer, owners, and other similar persons attached to the project are all encouraged to attend. The preconstruction meeting may also include building inspection information. Please call 972-468-4024 to schedule the meeting.
  • All fees must be paid prior to issuing the permit. Fees include but may not be limited to impact fees, meter fees, meter deposits, sewer connect fees, and a 4% utility / public improvement fee.
  • For building inspections please call the inspection line at 972-468-4050. Fire Department inspections are scheduled by calling the Fire Department at 972-468-4300. For any questions related to building inspections please contact the Customer Service Department at 972-468-4100. Final approval and the Certificate of Occupancy will be given after all inspections approvals are received.
  • Building permit applications and related drawings are submitted to the Customer Service Department for processing and approval.
  • Fire lanes and fire hydrants shall be installed, operated, and approved by the Fire Department prior to vertical construction of the building.
  • The Building Code Division and MEP plan review takes place simultaneously while the site plan is reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Department and Public Works, as well as plans requiring Fire and Health Department review and approval. Fire sprinkler plans may be a deferred submittal.
  • The general contractor and MEP subcontractors shall be registered with Customer Service Department and be listed on the permit.
  • The preconstruction meeting may be scheduled after the building inspection plan review is complete and plans approved, the site plan and civil plan are approved by Planning and Zoning and Public Works ,and the permit is ready to be issued. If the project requires a Health Department review, a release from that department is also required prior to issuing the permit.